A One-Day, Cross-Sector Conference & Networking Event, London, 30th November 2022

Stand-Out From The Competition & Attract, Engage & Retain Deeply Loyal Customers

New, Engaging, Data-Smart & Customer - Centric Loyalty, Retention & CRM Strategies

Customer Loyalty & Retention • Data & Targeting • Automation & AI • Customer-Centric Journeys • Inspiring Personalisation • Customer Engagement • Measuring Tangible Results • Channels & Content • Future CRM Innovations

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.00 Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Michele Lockwood, Head of Performance Marketing & CRM, New Look

Tash Whitmey, Group Director of Loyalty, Membership & CRM, Tesco


09.10 Develop Consumer Insight-Driven & Adaptable Loyalty Programmes Which Enhance Customer & Shopper Experiences & Drive Retention Rates

  • ‘Points for prizes’ or ‘surprise and delight’ – construct an effective loyalty programme which suits customers’ needs and recognises and rewards their loyalty
  • How can loyalty drive customer engagement? Update functions and tune in to ever-changing customer expectations to ensure you retain your consumer base
  • Feedback, feedback, feedback – determine exactly how customers want to be rewarded today to maintain their loyalty and ultimately boost customer lifetime value
  • Loyalty and retention under the spotlight! Implement a successfully functioning customer loyalty programme and decipher exactly how to advertise and communicate this to your customer base

09.10 Nicola Travis, Head of CRM, Matalan

09.30 Erica Landonio, Head of Marketing CRM, Treatwell


09.50 Harness The Power Of Data Insights & Analytics To Inform & Develop An Engaging & Personalised Loyalty & Retention Strategy

  • One size doesn’t fit all! Cater to your target consumers effectively by segmenting consumer data to drive targeted and tailored experiences
  • Action data insights to produce accurate segments and deliver winning tailored and data-driven content
  • Maximising data and targeting to drive your CRM capabilities: how can you build trust with the customer when capturing data, and what are best practices for data ingestion?

David Walker, Head of Lifetime Customer Value, OVO Energy


10.10 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

10.40 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


11.10 Guarantee Sky-High Retention Rates By Establishing & Developing Deeper Relationships With Your Consumers With The Latest Insights Set To Power Forward Your Strategies

  • Effectively capture and leverage data surrounding customer expectations to construct an increasingly personalised onboarding process certain to retain consumers
  • More than just a one-off email! Maintain consistent communication across multiple channels to uphold customer relationships and boost retention rates
  • Prioritise treating customers fairly by positioning this at the heart of your business model to retain attentive, loyal customers and avoid consumer attrition

Emma Headland, Global Retention Specialist, Vodafone

Dan Brookes, CRM & Loyalty Manager, Boots Opticians

 Nick Millward, P & GM Europe, Kaleyra


11.40 Navigate Changing Customer Insights & Trends To Craft Seamless & Transparent Customer Journeys Which Guarantee Retention & Drive Bottom Line Results

  • First purchases, replenishment and customer friction – map the journey of your customers and consider all touchpoints to holistically understand the whole customer journey of your consumers today
  • Tune into consumer feedback and engage post-purchase to maximise consumer loyalty and retainment
  • Explore the most effective tools and technologies out there which can help provide a comprehensive view of your customer journey and fuel customer-lifecycle improvements 

Dave Robinson, Head of Customer Engagement Development, Virgin Red


12.00 Stand Out From The Crowd & Build Genuine & Authentic Relationships With Your Customers To Achieve Sky-High Engagement
Which Drives Forward Customer Loyalty & Retention

  • The 360 experience! Customers are not just purchase points, so how can rich communications and meaningful engagement be maintained post-purchase for maximum effect?
  • What new infrastructure, tools or technologies are coming to the forefront to help boost customer engagement?
  • Elevate the importance of customer feedback! How can customers interact and leave feedback, and what format works best to capture these critical insights?

12.00 Gianfranco Cuzziol, Group CRM & Personalisation Head, Natura &Co

12.20 Tanvi Gupta Stephens, Director, Customer Engagement Management, Barclays


12.40 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

13.10 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners


13.40 Informal Breakout Discussions – Peer-To-Peer

a) AI & ML

b) Subject Line Testing

c) Customer Segmentation

14.10 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Michele Lockwood, Head of Performance Marketing &, CRM, New Look

Tash Whitmey, Group Director of Loyalty, Membership & CRM, Tesco


14.20 Advance Your Personalisation Strategies With Tailored, Customised & Data-Led Strategies Which Guarantee & Secure Sky-High Customer Engagement, Loyalty & Retention

  • The personalised sweet spot! How can you ensure that your value proposition is aligned with your personalisation strategies?
  • Not just batch and blast! Go beyond a simple merge field by maximising machine learning to take your personalisation strategies to the next level
  • Capture and leverage all available data to fuel data-driven and personalised email content to truly connect with your customers
  • How can your CRM support personalisation, and what can you do to enhance the narrative and capabilities in this space?

Kushla Gopal, Loyalty Programme Director, Coutts

Dominic James, Executive Director, Global Customer Engagement, MSD

Tom Newbury, Senior International CRM Manager, Ticketmaster

Gianfranco Cuzziol, Group CRM & Personalisation Head, Natura &Co

Victoria Page, Head of DCDA & Business Energy Intelligence, SSE Energy Solutions

Ruth Finnis, Vice President of Loyalty & Partnerships, Accor


14.50 Boost Marketing Performance, Enhance Personalisation Capabilities & Improve Conversion Rates With New & Innovative Automation & AI Strategies

  • Seal the deal with AI! How can you leverage new automation developments to drive authentic personalisation?
  • Strike the balance between automated solutions and the human touch to ensure customers are communicated with in a relevant and meaningful way
  • Tailor, target and offer – understand just how AI can help you operationalise personalisation, loyalty, retention and CRM capabilities in your business

Dimitar Alexander, CRM Change Consultant, M&G


15.10 Deliver Exciting, Interactive & Revitalised Content Through Seamless Multi-Channel Engagement, Loyalty & Retention Strategies To Fuel Increased Brand Interaction

  • What makes the perfect email or message? Discover brand new, creative and fresh formats that will generate value for customers and ultimately drive sales
  • Explore top tips for creating personalised content across the right channels for your target consumers to maximise conversions
  • Email, WhatsApp, Instagram… with so many channels in play now, which are the most effective and appealing for your customers today?

Maria Aldridge, Digital Marketing Lead-Fashion & Beauty, Sainsbury’s

15.30 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


16.00 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


16.30 Showcase The Success Of Your Engagement, Loyalty & Retention Strategies With Practical, Innovative & Improved Measurement Tools & Techniques

  • The death of the open rate? With IOS changes causing disruption amongst businesses today, which new metrics can you use to measure engagement success and customer interactions?
  • With so many marketing and comms channels in the mix, what are the best measurement techniques and metrics which can prove and validate the viability of each channel?
  • Clicks, unsubs and spam rates – what are the best methods to determine consumer engagement and ultimately demonstrate the ROI of your approaches?

Grant Baillie, Head of Customer Marketing, Post Office Ltd


16.50 Future-Proof & Evolve Your CRM, Loyalty & Retention Capabilities By Harnessing The Latest Shifts In Technological Advancements & Implementing Game-Changing Innovations For Maximum Results

  • Automated CRM reporting? Keep pace with change and stay ahead of the curve with the latest CRM developments guaranteed to boost campaign success and increase conversions
  • From voice and conversational UI to IoT technology, keep up with the latest tech advancements certain to revolutionise your CRM strategies
  • What is the future of CRM? Benchmark with industry peers and forecast the key innovations set to inform the future of CRM and loyalty in 2023 and beyond

Hollie McLellan, Head of Customer Marketing & Loyalty, Boots UK

Seema Kumari, Senior Marketing & CRM Director, Hearst UK 

17.20 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks &  Official Close Of Conference

Michele Lockwood, Head of Performance Marketing & CRM, New Look

Tash Whitmey, Group Director of Loyalty, Membership & CRM, Tesco