30 Cross-Sector Brands Outshine Competition, Stay Relevant, Drive Engagement & Retain Deeply Loyal Customers With Sophisticated, Customer-Focused, Data-Driven & Insight-Led Loyalty, Retention & CRM Strategies

Game-Changing Loyalty Programmes • Effective Customer Data & Targeting • Inspiring Hyper-Personalisation • Customer Engagement • Omni-Channel Success • Shifting Consumer Behaviour • Next-Level Retention Strategies • Automation, AI & Tech • Customer Journeys • Impactful Measurement & ROI • Future of Loyalty & CRM

14 November 2023 | Central London

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.00 Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

Jon Moss, Customer Engagement Director, Fortnum & Mason


09.10 Construct & Develop An Insight-Driven & Brand-Focused Loyalty Programme Guaranteed To Foster Deeper Relationships With Customers & Fuel Increased Retention Rates

  • Points-based loyalty, tiered loyalty, paid loyalty… develop a loyalty scheme that is flexible to customers’ needs and keeps them coming back to you time and time again
  • A spotlight on loyalty! With the cost of living at an all-time high, how are you implementing and enhancing a loyalty scheme that helps consumers out and provides that all important brand building opportunity?
  • But what does your business stand for? Ensure your business vision and values align with your loyalty strategies to boost brand reputation and long-term customer affiliation
Dean Harris, Head of Loyalty Rewards, Media Centre & Operations, Co-Op


09.30 Harness The Power Of Data Insights & Analytics The Develop A Forward-Thinking & Tailored Loyalty Strategy That Increases Retention Rates & Bottom-Line Sales

  • Leverage data surrounding customer demographics, purchasing points and online and instore behaviours to secure winning tailored and data-driven experiences that deliver bottom-line results
  • How well do you really know your customer base? And how are you actioning key data insights across channels to produce accurate customer segments and hyper-personalised communications?
  • All good relationships are built on trust! How can you refine your data retention strategies and build trust with customers when capturing and utilising their data?
  • From Covid-19 to the cost-of-living crisis customer behaviour is constantly changing… explore the shifting experiences of customers across each touchpoint for customer-centric journeys and increased brand loyalty

Gianfranco Cuzziol, CRM & Personalisation Lead, Avon International

09.50 Building Customer Advocates through Intelligent Loyalty

  • The key to understanding your audiences, from prospects to loyal customers
  • Foundations of loyalty and the key components that make up a strong program
  • How to harness the advancements in AI to strengthen your loyalty strategies and tactics 

John Tsaousidis, Enterprise Strategy & Architect Principal, Marigold


10.05 Advance Data-First & Customer-Centric Strategies For Secured Next-Level Brand Engagement, Loyalty & Maximised Retention Rates

  • Market research, surveys, webpage analytics… delve deep into your customer knowledge and deliver content that truly resonates with your consumer base today
  • It all comes back to data! Activate and leverage accessible data for tailored loyalty strategies and personalised brand experiences every time
  • We’ve explored the power of ChatGTP, so what’s next? What key advancements within AI and ML can be leveraged to boost hyper-personalisation at scale and maximise customer engagement?

Maria Katz, Head of Customer Engagement, TJX Europe

Kellie Nash, CX Director, Beauty Works

Amy Sparkes, CRM Lead, Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd

Ghanasham Apte, Head of Data Science, BT

Imogen Weaver, CRM Manager – Financial Services, John Lewis & Partners

Josh Hull, Strategic Consulting Director, Edit

10.35 Bonus Session; Reserved For nShift

A2B: the secret formula to increase post purchase customer loyalty

  • Enhancing customer experience and conversion in checkout
  • Sustainability as a powerful driver of customer loyalty beyond green delivery
  • Effective last mile communication to ensure customer retention
  • Order status updates: driving revenue by creating memorable customer experiences
  • Improving the bottom line and building customer loyalty through returns
  • Leveraging customer loyalty and a competitive edge by ensuring an exceptional returns process


Sean Sherwin-Smith, Product Director Post-Purchase, nShift

11.05 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


11.35 Harness Customer Research & Analytics & Build Authentic Brand-Consumer Relationships For Maximised Engagement & Next-Level Loyalty

  • Deep dive into data strategies which combine critical consumer insights across your channel mix and deliver new and gratifying experiences that maximise positive engagement
  • Puzzles and Quizzes? Is gamification the go-to? Revamp your online approaches for enhanced brand awareness, boosted sales and enriched customer loyalty
  • The shift from transactional engagement to emotional engagement… customers are not just purchase points! How can customer engagement be maintained both pre and post-purchase to secure long-term loyalty and strengthened customer relationships?

Patrick Steele, Global Head of Loyalty & Consumer Engagement, Costa Coffee


Delegate Discussion & Peer-To-Peer Insight Exchange

11.55 Drive Forward The Ultimate Omni-Channel Experience & Push For Greater Loyalty & Retention With Personalised, Engaging & Seamless Channel Strategies

  • Brick-and-mortar, web and mobile: successfully and seamlessly connect consumer touchpoints to deliver the ultimate omni-channel experience which keeps customers engaged with your brand
  • The right channel for the right customer! With new channels entering the market at a rapid rate, how are you ensuring that you are harnessing a consistent voice across all channels today?
  • Explore the latest tools and technologies out there to assist in critical customer journey mapping for an optimal and smooth omnichannel journey that fuels brand loyalty

12.15 Bonus Session Reserved For Insider

Speaker To Be Announced


12.30 What Do Today’s Customers Want? Navigate New Customer Behaviour & Deliver Tailored Approaches Which Reignite Brand Loyalty & Powers Commercial Success

  • From impulse, routine and decision-making purchases… how can you harness data surrounding buying patterns for customer-centric and personalised approaches today?
  • Avoid a single model approach: not every customer is affected the same way by market changes, so how can you ensure your engagement strategies are inclusive and accessible to all segments of your customer base?
  • With customers making more online purchases than ever before, how can you ensure that your digital presence provides immersive and personalised experiences for customers?

Sarah Farrington, Head of Digital Customer Experience, Lloyds Banking Group

12.50 Bonus Session – Reserved For Sagacity

Scott Logie, Customer Engagement Director, Sagacity


13.05 Navigate The Changing Customer Behaviour Landscape & Secure Top-Level Retention & Brand Loyalty With Customer-Centric & Data-First Approaches

  • Successfully capture and utilise available customer data to avoid assumption making but rather create a highly-personalised onboarding experience certain to avoid attrition
  • One size does not fit all! Determine how customers want to be communicated with and via which channels for adapted customer relationships and maximised retention rates
  • It takes only 60 days to form a habit, so what are customers priorities now and how can your business harness the habits of consumers in 2024 and beyond?
  • Take a walk in their shoes… deep dive into customer expectations to deliver seamless experiences and retain attentive and loyal customers year on year

Grant Baillie, Head of CRM, Boots UK

Arpita Vig, Loyalty Lead, Bp

13.35 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

14.35 Afternoon Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Mike Williams, CRM Director, Vitality


14.40 Amplify Marketing Performance, Enhance Brand Experiences & Deep-Dive Into Meaningful Customer Experiences With Brand New, Fresh & Innovative AI & Tech Strategies

  • Voice search, VR, chatbots and NLP… examine emerging advancements in AI to better understand customer sentiment, identify friction and provide the optimal customer experience for increased retention rates
  • The vital balancing act! How can you leverage new automated developments whilst maintaining critical human intervention to deliver uplifted experiences and long-term loyalty?
  • Subject lines, content creation or alerts? Determine where and how automation and AI can be experimented with to stand out from competition and continuously improve CX for maintained consumer loyalty
  • With budgets tighter than ever, what are the most impactful yet cost-effective advancements within tech that are certain to maximise tailored content and grow brand loyalty?

Lisette Boyd, Director of Customer Services & Digital, Pets at Home


15.00 Refresh & Reimagine Your Customer Journey Mapping Frameworks For Smooth Journeys Which Drive Top-Level Engagement & Guarantee Boosted Retention Rates

  • Learn from your mistakes! Exploit post-purchase customer feedback and tackle customers pain points for next-level experiences and maximised customer loyalty and retention
  • From awareness to advocacy: take a holistic approach and map the journey of your customer for a seamless omni-channel journey that puts customers at the heart
  • Leave them wanting more… whether that be usage tips or online communities, what action can be taken post-purchase to engage and retain?

Joanne Gray, Loyalty & Subscription Manager, Hotel Chocolat Ltd

15.20 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


16.20 Case Study

  • Targeted geographical areas
  • Test app functionality
  • Operational considerations – IT infrastructure, colleague training and engagement 
  • Data analytics to inform decisions to roll out nationally 

Emma Collins, Head of Digital Loyalty & Engagement, Poundland & Dealz


16.40 Capitalise On New & Improved Measurement Tools To Demonstrate The Positive Impact Of Your Engagement & Loyalty Programmes On The Bottom-Line

  • How are you measuring success: churn rate, CES, activation rate… explore the metrics out there to successfully determine consumer engagement and analyse the gaps that need to be filled in your customer journeys
  • Explore top tips and tricks for measuring the immeasurable and translating the customer journey into pounds and pence on the bottom line
  • Examine the best tools for customer profiling and segmentation at the top end to deliver impactful, hyper-personalised and easily measurable marketing campaigns

 Ashutosh Pandey, Senior Director & Head of Business Process Transformation, Nokia


17.00 Get Ahead Of The Curve: Future-Proof & Enhance Your CRM & Loyalty Strategies For Boosted Retention & Bottom-Line Results

  • Social CRM, conversational UI, everything-as-a-service… keep pace with the CRM advancements curve to power commercial success and grow retention rates
  • Can we prepare for the unknown? With markets and customer behaviour changing at an ever-rapid rate, utilise practical advice to mitigate risk and build flexible loyalty strategies which can adapt to an uncertain future
  • What is the future for loyalty and CRM strategies? Benchmark with industry peers and forecast the key innovations set to inform the loyalty landscape in 2024 and beyond

Emma Headland, Global e-Commerce Strategic Transformation Lead (retention),Vodafone

David Walker, Head of Lifetime Customer Value, OVO

Fiona Allan, Senior Clubcard Proposition Manager, Tesco Bank

Monique Parmar, Head of CRM and Insight, National Express LTD

Penny Shaw, Global Loyalty Manager, IKEA

Sam Panzer, Director of Industry Strategy, Talon.One

17.50 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference

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