The Advanced Customer Loyalty & Retention Conference 


A One-Day, European, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Exhibition, Central Amsterdam, 14th March 2024

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New Strategies To Skyrocket Engagement, Promote Brand Values & Overtake The Competition:

Innovative, Attention-Grabbing, Data-Centric & Customer-Driven Loyalty, Retention & CRM Strategies

Winning Loyalty Programmes | Effective Data & Targeting | Inspiring Personalisation | Automation, AI & Tech | Measuring Tangible Results & ROI | Seamless Omnichannel Marketing Success | Next-Level Retention Strategies | Stand-Out Customer Engagement & Experiences | Customer-Centric Journeys | The Future of Loyalty & CRM

14th March 2024, Amsterdam

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.00 Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

Angela Sekuloska, Head of CRM, Vita, Life Insurance, d.d.


Double Perspective

Develop Cutting-Edge Loyalty Programmes That Utilise The Latest Trends & Consumer Needs To Maximise Engagement, Secure Retention & Strengthen Your Brand

  • From weekly purchases to once-a-year indulgences, how can loyalty programmes be adapted to suit different spending patterns?
  • Discounts, points-based, rewards-based… explore the impact of different loyalty strategies to find the right one which best suits your customer and reinforces your brand
  • Rebuild and reimagine your loyalty schemes to foster stronger relationships, and reinforce long-term brand trust by helping consumers navigate the cost-of-living crisis

09.10 Olga Khoubaeva, Customer Engagement Manager, Le Pain Quotidien

09.30 Ziva Slokan, Head of Loyalty Program (Tuš Klub), Tus


09.50 Exploit The Power Of Data-Driven Insights & Analytics To Inform & Inspire Loyalty & Retention Strategies Which Directly Address The Ever-Changing Needs Of Customers

  • It’s all down to core data! Explore the best data capture techniques and platforms to more effectively invest time into critical data analytics and translate the facts and figures into real-world success stories
  • What do the numbers say? Harness up-to-the-minute data that tells the accurate story of shopping trends and spending patterns amongst your target consumers
  • Drive your omnichannel marketing strategies with data insights on both e-commerce and brick-and-mortar customer experiences to power real and lasting results
  • Investigate and overcome potential pitfalls – how can you maintain high levels of consumer trust through safe handling of their data?

Oleksii Popov, Head Of Digital Marketing, PrivatBank

10.10 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

10.40 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking



11.10 Harness Data-Driven & Customer-Centric Personalisation Strategies That Elevate Engagement, Foster Long-Term Loyalty & Maximise Retention

  • What is the real potential of personalisation trends and strategies in 2024 and beyond? Explore the hottest trends set to disrupt the market next
  • Access and utilise the full range of available data from all channels to create optimised and eye-catching personalised campaigns that really hit the mark with your target consumers
  • How can cutting-edge AI and machine learning tools enhance hyper-personalisation for high-impact results?
  • We are past first name personalisation… ensure that your brand values shine through in personalised content that makes customers feel important and valued

Andreas Marneris, Head of Cards Issuing & Loyalty Programs, Eurobank

Francisco Espuña, Customer Engagement Manager, Novo Nordisk

Athina Kakolyri, Head of Loyalty & CRM Marketing, Aegean Airlines


11.40 Stay Ahead Of The Curve By Effectively Deploying Practical & Proven AI & Automation To Optimise & Streamline Customer Journeys

  • With AI dominating cross-sector headlines, understand how best to utilise the new technologies and automation while avoiding the common pitfalls that can threaten consumer trust and usability
  • Find the crucial balance between automated processes and the essential human touch to efficiently problem-solve while ensuring the customer still feels heard and responded to in a timely manner
  • Explore all options; how can AI and automation assist and enhance your loyalty, retention and CRM strategies, without breaking the bank?

Ingrid van Ruiswijk, Senior Manager Customer Service E-Commerce, PVH EU


Delegate Discussion

12.00 Celebrate Well-Earned Success Stories & Attain Best-In-Class Bottom-Line Results By Harnessing The Latest Metrics & Measurement Tools

  • Deep-dive into the latest measurements and metrics that can showcase your brand at its best
  • What defines success for your brand, and how are you measuring this? Ensure high-end loyalty and retention by advertising your strengths and identifying weaknesses
  • Cut through the jargon and translate raw data into comprehensible narratives that reassure customers and reaffirm brand status
  • Understand ROI facts and figures to see what is driving long-term growth and bottom-line results, and what parts of your business aren’t pulling their weight in order to make necessary improvements


12.20 Adapt Your Omnichannel Marketing Approaches To Create Hyper-Effective Campaigns & Content Which Cross Generations, Demographics & Customer Profiles

  • Deep dive into your customers’ needs to drive both online and offline loyalty strategies that best suit their channels and platforms of choice
  • One size doesn’t fit all! Ensure you are tailoring your campaigns to the right channel and audience, at the right time, to cut through the noise at the opportune moment
  • Don’t get left behind; what are the latest tech innovations pushing omnichannel success to the next level?

Natalia Horvath, Head of Customer Marketing & Omnichannel Development, Global Reserve, Diageo

12.45 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

13.15 Informal Breakout Discussions

  1. Pricing Strategy & Discounts
  2. Sustainability
  3. Customer Acquisition

13.45 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks

 Ingrid van Ruiswijk, Senior Manager Customer Service E-Commerce, PVH EU


Panel & Q&A

13.55 Achieve Sky-High Retention Rates & Avoid Attrition With The Latest Data-Centric Approaches That Boost Loyalty By Speaking Directly To Consumer Needs

  • Lessons learned! Analyse and examine consumer feedback data and behavioural trends to identify and avoid the root causes of attrition
  • From seamless onboarding to long-term loyalty, what do customers need, expect, and respond to at every stage of their brand journey?
  • Ensure no customer is left behind! Focus on consistent communications which foster and maintain forward-looking connections, so your established consumers feel as valued as new ones

Olga Khoubaeva, Customer Engagement Manager, Le Pain Quotidien

Mehmet Yilmaz, Brand Marketing & Digital Sr. Manager, Starbucks


Double Perspective

14.25 Boost Consumer Satisfaction & Brand Impact With Tailored & Innovative Engagement Strategies That Differentiate, Impress & Maximise Long-Term Loyalty

  • Re-think your customer-brand relationships with unique, resonant and meaningful communications that stand out from the conventional crowd
  • From viral campaigns to gamification, how can you secure customer attention and maximise household-name brand recognition in today’s ever crowded marketplace?
  • What are your customers really saying? Promote open and constructive feedback and harness the insights to deliver truly impressive engagement results and make sure every voice is heard

14.25     Angela Sekuloska, Head of CRM, Vita, Life Insurance, d.d.

14.45     Bartosz Witorzenc, Head of CRM, Bank Pekao S.A.

15.05 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

15.35 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking & Informal Breakout Discussions

  1. Gamification
  2. Subscriptions
  3. Cost-Of-Living & Inflation Impact


16.10 Cut Through Competition & Secure Sky-High Loyalty By Creating Intuitive & Frictionless Customer Journeys That Drive Engagement & Retention

  • Turn negatives into positives! Adapt and react based on post-purchase feedback to highlight pain points and give your next customer a next-level experience, every time!
  • Analyse every link in the chain to identify sticking points and prevent growing customer frustrations which can threaten loyalty and retention rates
  • Examine the impact of new tech on customer journeys to streamline experiences and showcase above-and-beyond satisfaction rates

Elisabet Sanchez, Head of Marketing Omnichannel Strategy & Customer Experience, Nissan Spain


16.30 Loyalty Programme Case Study With Turkish Airlines

Ayse Salcan Arslan, Miles&Smiles Programme Manager, Turkish Airlines

Sule Gunes Saricam, Business Analyst at Miles&Smiles, Turkish Airlines


16.50 Industry Benchmarking & Market Analysis! Optimise & Future-Proof Your Loyalty & CRM Gameplan With Insights & Tech Advancements That Focus On Long-Lasting Results

  • Build adaptability into the core of your CRM practices and anticipate sector shifts to stay ahead of the curve and avoid playing catch-up
  • Gain invaluable knowledge of technology developments, current and imminent, that will revolutionise the future of customer loyalty and retention in 2024 and beyond
  • Debate and discuss with industry leaders! Unmissable insights from industry leaders at the front line of loyalty and CRM, this is your chance to ask your most pressing questions

Frank de Boer, Director Data & Technology – Customer Loyalty, Air France-KLM

Celine Gildemeister, Loyalty Manager, ALDI Nord

Karina Mohacsy, Senior Manager – CRM Campaign Management Tommy Hilfiger, PVH Corp.

17.20 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks

Ingrid van Ruiswijk, Senior Manager Customer Service E-Commerce, PVH EU

17.30 Official Close Of Conference

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